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& Rehabilitation

In 1972, the Italian company “Intimoda sas”, founded by Antonio Balossi, introduced the first functional orthopedic corsetry range for women in Italy.

With the same innovative spirit, they have continued to launch new technical and systemic orthopedic products and solutions that have marked the different Group companies – now converging in eXinvest.
eXinvest Orthopedics & Rehabilitation brought added contents and value in the international market to extend product trends: from carbon fibres to semi-processed multi-zone insoles, and including insole-ready sports footwear and technological solutions, such as integrated suction systems and capacitive-sensor pressure measuring systems.

Today, eXinvest capitalizes over 40 years of know-how and2 generations of work in technical orthopedics and physical therapy, including our own product ranges and technical solutions and the shareholdings, distributions or partnerships in Group Companies or in other closely-related enterprises.

Digital Rehabilitation

Clinical assessment with wearable sensors solutions.

We design portable solutions that revolutionize the physical therapy process for patients with musculoskeletal issues.

  • Customized treatments: personalized patient treatment based on their needs
  • More accurate and backed clinical results: more targeted therapeutic treatment through objective and reliable clinical analyses
  • Healthcare cost reduction: therapy optimization and improvement of the patient’s life quality

ReHub Platform

The ReHub Platform is the first digital recovery therapy solution in the world, offering an effective and personalized physical therapy for MSD patients (musculoskeletal disorders). Our exclusive wearable sensor provides objective measuring of the patient’s muscular energy and joint movement in real time. This innovative tool maximizes the operating aspects and the therapeutic effectiveness, promoting a constant communication between doctor, physical therapist and patient. Our all-in-one platform will revolutionize the entire physical therapy process, from the first doctor’s visit until the end of the program and total patient’s recovery.

How it works


    The physical therapy doctor performs a functional assessment of the affected joint, through, biomechanical sensors and a user-friendly sensor that provides an objective and dynamic 3D evaluation of the patient’s functional conditions. The diagnosis performed by the doctor is automatically shared with the physical therapist.

    The physical therapist automatically creates a customized home workout program specifically adapted to the conditions of every patient. A quick-glance dashboard allows the physical therapist to follow the patient’s progress, check the workouts and adapt them remotely.
    The patient can do their workout safely, when and where they want, by accessing the ReHub web platform and using their workout kits. A continuous visual biofeedback in real time increases the patient’s empowerment and their adherence to the physical therapy process.


    • Empowerment and adherence to the physical therapy treatment
    • Cost savings: access at any time and anywhere
    • Reduced recovery times
    • The patient is always connected to the healthcare operators
    • Custom physical therapy
    • Easy patient’s progress monitoring
    • Workout monitoring in real time
    • Constant communication between doctor, physical therapist and patient
    • Increased productivity
    • Cost reduction with effective treatments and optimized processes
    • Constant monitoring of the entire physical therapy process
    • Clear and effective communication networks for all personnel involved

The Patient workout KIT

The patient can perform over 150 custom workouts that help them improve specific muscular regions. Portable sensors can be connected to each kit tool and register biomechanical parameters, such as the movement range, speed and muscular strength in real time.

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Prosthetic Customized Solutions

Customized solutions for all levels of amputation.

Whether it is a prosthesis or custom orthosis, we can fulfill patients’ desires and requests. Integrating new thinking and technology, eXinvest starts with a creative vision for the future, providing established 3D digital orthotic and prosthetic solutions, using a technically innovative operational platform, and thereby letting the patients experience a technologically advanced orthosis or prosthesis.

Consultation & Evaluation

Understanding the body, health status, your residual limb, the request for an orthosis or prosthesis, and your working environment.

Rehabilitation plan

Expert evaluation and diagnosis, based on desired outcome, make appropriate rehabilitation and fitting.

Acquire 3D model instantly

Applying state-of-the-art scanning system to acquire the model for you, using an advanced technology laser scanner that will transform your body shape to a 3D image on the computer.

Intelligent fabrication

3D image file is sent to the Fabrication Center to make the positive model for the orthosis or prosthesis, it is very convenient, quick, and precise.

Fitting and adjustment

Fitting evaluation, checking alignment, examining the motion of the hip, knee, and ankle joints, understanding the effectiveness of the orthotic or prosthetic control system, the length, weight, and ability to don/doff the device.

Life training

Instruct the patients how to use orthosis or prosthesis to deal with activities of daily living, including donning/doffing the orthosis or prosthesis, how to maintain and clean the device, improving gait including going up/down the stairs, walking on slopes, and coping with special pavement and various terrain. Ensuring the best capability when using the orthosis or prosthesis.

Warranty support

Extensive Service Network provides you the most convenient and readily available aftersales support. You are always welcome to adjust your orthosis or prosthesis by taking your warranty card to any of our offices.

Care and tracking

Periodically reminding you about important checkups to insure the orthosis or prosthesis is fitting and functioning properly and to provide additional training to improve your use and help meet life’s ever changing goals and activities. If a significant change is needed, we will make the most appropriate recommendation for a new device.

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Metatarsus Adductus Solution

A revolutionary solution for Metatarsus Adductus

The UNFO orthoses for newborn feet is a revolutionary solution developed specifically for Metatarsus Adductus (MTA). The UNFO orthoses solves the difficulties and stress related to frequent casting, the ineffectiveness of stretching and the resulting under- or over-treatment of MTA and clubfoot. Parents and children worldwide can now benefit from a child-friendly corrective brace providing an effective, safe and stress-free treatment, and improving family life quality.

The UNFO brace

The UNFO brace is a revolutionary device, specifically design to treat the Metatarsus Adductus (MTA) in newborns. UNFO-s is the first ‘short foot’ orthopedic device to be worn below the ankle, providing a significantly superior, safer and less stressful solution compared to serial casting to treat Metatarsus Adductus, also known as Pigeon Toe. The orthoses’ discrete and sandal-shaped design makes it very comfortable. UNFO spares parents and newborns the physical and social discomfort suffered with traditional casting. The UNFO brace has many benefits for parents and doctors. Patients can benefit from an effective and innovative treatment, while doctors can benefit from an increased trustworthiness and the capacity to treat patients with MTA effectively. In addition, retailers can benefit from an effective and cost efficient treatment. The UNFO brace is available in five sizes and different colours for left and right foot. Ideal for babies up to 12 months of age.

    Differently from serial casting, the UNFO brace was specifically design to treat patients with Metatarsus Adductus (MTA). UNFO is considerably better, safer and less stressful than serial casting for treating any level of MTA. In addition, UNFO places light to moderate patients in the hands of a doctor, rather than trusting the parents’ ability to perform stretching exercises on their child’s foot correctly several times a day for weeks and months on end, in an underlying “wait and see” approach. Since there is no need to “wait and see” if the stretching is an effective treatment for the child, UNFO prevents the risk of not treating children affected by MTA in time.

    • Easy to wear and fit
    • Comfortable
    • Stress-free treatment for babies and their parents

    The UNFO brace components include:

    1. A rigid plastic insert to support the foot. The insert is covered with a soft thermoplastic material to prevent pressure ulcers. The mid section is curved for extended midfoot space to allow for appropriate correction. The cushion is shaped on the first metatarsus and big toe, for a better foot adaptation to the brace.
    2. A round adjustable strap immobilizes the foot in the brace. Fasten above the brace mid section, the Velcro strap (with a wide and soft cushion to offer the maximum level of comfort) can be adjusted by the treating physicians while the treatment progresses. The straps has two main functions: – Stabilizing the heel in the heel area and the entire foot in the brace, to ensure that it remains firmly fixed in the brace. – Applying a corrective pressure on the midfoot for suitable foot realignment.

    UNFO is the first ‘short foot’ brace to be worn below the ankle. It offers excellent comfort and adherence, whilst applying a multidirectional 6 point corrective strength to deformed feet The treating physician adapts UNFO to the patient’s foot, to be worn like a sock. During the first six weeks of treatment, the device must be worn 23 hours a day and it may be removed twice a day for no more than half an hour. The physician will mark the required tension to be applied on the strap. The UNFO brace may be removed by the child’s parent for half an hour in the morning and in the evening, to wash the child. During the first six week of treatment, the physician will examine the child’s foot every two weeks and adjust the strap based on how the treatment progresses. After approx. six weeks of treatment, the brace must be worn only at night, to prevent a regression of the results obtained. If the parents notice any pressure ulcers, the strap must be loosened and a physician’s appointment should be scheduled to re-adapt the treatment. The treatment duration varies, based on the patient’s conditions.

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Advanced Composites

Our Main Partner Toray Advanced Composites is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry, providing advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials for the production of lightweight structures for the latest generation of commercial, general aviation, military and unmanned aircraft. Additionally, as the leading supplier of composite materials to the satellite, space exploration and launch industries, you will find our composites on almost every satellite and launch vehicle produced in the Western world.

Data Sheets // Carbon Fiber

Data Sheets // PREPREG

CcLothes eXinvest

CcLothes eXinvest is a technical partner of the MVAgusta Racing Team in the SBK World Championship

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